My Little Angels

My Little Angels

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Canyonlands half marathon
Master bath

View from kitchen into living room

One of the two front decks
Master suite

Did the Moab Canyon lands half marathon on the 21st of March. I set a P.R. of 2:02:04 really wanted to break two hours but it was a pretty tough course, not flat. So I am pretty happy with this time, I really felt like throwing up at the end. These are some friends that ran it with me, Jen and her husband Sam, and then my friend Alex she ran the Phoenix half with me back in January. (Jen ran the full marathon in Phoenix)

This really was one of the most beautiful runs I have ever done.

Picture of the new house, from the living room looking into the kitchen.

Front entry
View from kitchen into living room and front entry.
My sweet sweet girl she is getting so big and I am so in love with her.
The big man in my life!!!! Sweetest boy ever, I so enjoy spending all the time I can with these guys.

So sorry I haven't been keeping up with the blog, I am now on Facebook and been neglecting the blog. I have some pictures in here of the new house in Durango, we took procession of the house the 1st of April and have been moving things up there except furniture and now just have the basics here in Farmington. I have been up there from Friday to Wednesday every week, but this weekend we are all staying in Farmington. Ryan is on call all weekend and we have an open house to try to sell this one on Sunday. Then on Tuesday the 21st the movers are coming to move the furniture and we will be up there full time from then on. Very exciting. But my computer time has been very short with all the moving and back and forth. The kids and I have had roto-virus, which I got just after the half marathon that night and so did Sofie. Ryan and I were supposed to go to Moab together, but he stayed home with sick Jack and then I got home that night and then, BAM. So, not that I recommend it, but run a half marathon and then don't eat and get diarrhea for four days, that will make you loose weight. EEEKKKK!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Help! I have fallen and I can't get up!

Jelly mess. He wants the camera here, and I am, in no way, letting him have it.
Now he is breaking out the charm. But it didn't work!
Sofie was walking around with my running shoes on and fell, Ryan couldn't resist getting a picture of this. My poor girl lying there crying, and Daddy is taking her picture.
Wrestling with Daddy. Their pre bed time ritual. Why is it that about 45 minutes before bed time they get this second wind? Ryan tries to wear them out.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend in Telluride

On the chair lift in Telluride, Ryan doing a self portrait.
Paul and Diana live in Telluride and are so nice to let us use their condo whenever we can come up. It is always so nice to spend time with good friends.
Paul and Ryan we are at our favorite restaurant in Telluride called Blue Point. We also the night before went to the Chop House and it was fantastic..The Truffle fries at Blue Point are the bomb....The oysters were awesome also. One of the reasons we love going there is the great restaurants, love to eat...
On the mountain in Telluride, it was flippin freeeeezing! Ryan is really the picture taker, so he shot my photo here.

This is Ryan taking my video coming down the mountain and about two seconds after that I tried to do a jump and fell, hard. So, he stopped shooting just in time.

Above that the kids are playing with about 20 thousand pieces of construction paper, whatever keeps them busy, right?